Ground Level Apartments

Private Budget Accommodation

Privacy at Hostel Prices

Ideal for those looking for privacy and budget accommodation on Corfu, these rooms are located on the ground floor of our garden view apartments. They can house up to three people and have a private bathroom and shower to give you your own space. These rooms are 55€ for 2 people. There is a closet for long term travelers to hang up their hats and soak in the warm Mediterranean sun.

Included in the price of stay is Breakfast and which saves a lot in the long run. The meals are cooked fresh everyday from food from our own family-run organic farm. Pelekas Beach, one of the islands nicest, is just a 2 minute walk away and a natural mud beach 4 minutes away. The perfect private budget accommodation on Corfu for the in-between traveler.

What’s Included

-Private Bedroom
-Private Bathroom
-Free Wi-fi