We provide home-cooked Greek meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner, with breakfast and dinner included in the price of your room. And, what’s more, the produce comes to you directly from our very own organic farm, just 15 minutes down the road!

Vrachos Organic Farm is an authentic, rural Greek farm, set amongst 10 sprawling acres of vineyards and olive groves. Our animal residents include pigs, cows, dogs, sheep, goats, chickens, ducks, turkeys and even a couple of peacocks!

Eat fresh vegetables, meat, eggs, milk and cheese everyday.

With such a variety of organic foods brought home fresh every day, you’ll be treated a different authentic home cooked meal every night!
And it’s all truly organic – you’ll find absolutely no pesticides, chemical sprays or weed killers at our farm – just ask our farm volunteers, who have to weed everything by hand!

The farm provides the vast majority of food for the hostel, including:

  • Lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, courgettes, eggplant, peppers, onion, garlic, beans, potatoes, radishes, carrots, artichokes and other seasonal vegetables
  • Watermelon, apricots, cherries, kumquats, apples, blackberries, raspberries, honeydew and other seasonal fruits
  • Fresh milk
  • Fresh eggs
  • Fresh meat

Among the foods used fresh for eating are foods that are prepared such as feta cheese from the goats milk, olives and wine made from the Vrachos vineyards.


The Farm House

Vrachos Farm Corfu

Goat Glam

Grapes for Wine

organic grape vineyard corfu

A Few Orange Trees About

greece orange tree

Happy Pigs

organic pig farm corfu

Milk for Feta Cheese

milking a goat corfu

The Goat Herd

vrachos organic farm corfu

Organic Lettuce

Vrachos organic lettuce farm Corfu Woof

Spiros Minding the Grapes

greek grape farmer

Dramatic Chickens

corfu chicken farm organic


Organic farm corfu cow

The Farm Guard Dog

cofru farm puppy